Etac Smart shower stool

A rectangular stool that provides various seating possibilities

The rectangular seat of Etac Smart can be used from different sides. One offers a wider seating area and the other a narrower one. The corners make it easy to straddle the seat for extra stability.




The legs of the stools are angled outwards for increased stability. Responsive, non-slip ferrules adapt to the floor and provide stability on wet and uneven surfaces.
Height adjustable

Height adjustable

It is easy to adjust the height, just click and press. The oval shape prevents the telescopic legs from turning when making the adjustment. There are no loose parts to misplace.
Easy to assemble

Easy to assemble

The shower stools come in practical, flat packed, carrycases and are quickly assembled without the need for any tools. The push button lock function makes it easy to fit the legs.
Comfortable and safe - Smart

Comfortable and safe

Generous seating areas with softly rounded shapes and a non-slip surface make sitting comfortable and safe. Special perforations allow excess water to quickly drain away.

Variants and details

Material Seat: Polypropylene. Legs: Aluminium, polyamide. Ferrules: TPE Seat area (mm) 430x380
Maximum user weight (kg) 200
Etac item number
Seat height (mm)
Weight (kg)
Width (mm)
Stool 81951010 Grey 420-570 3.2 455-465x410-430
Stool 81951060 White 420-570 3.2 455-465x410-430
Stool 81951020 Ice blue 420-570 3.2 455-465x410-430
Stool including swivel pad 81951050 Grey 420-570 3.2 455-465x410-430
Stool, low 81951030 Grey 345-420 3 455-460x410-415


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