Etac StarLock introduces a new level of adaptability and stability in air cell cushions. Air cell cushions are available in a variety of versions where the air flow can only be locked into two or four zones of the cushion, which only partially increases their stability. With the StarLock cushion, there are no limits.

It provides unique stability for the user’s pelvis and thighs. The sitting position can easily be tailored to individual requirements, for instance in order to correct pelvic asymmetries or to position one thigh lower for easier wheelchair propulsion. Whatever the user’s needs, optimal pressure distribution can always be achieved.

StarLock’s unique locking mechanism also gives the option of completely or partially deflating individual cells, for instance if the user has severe localised pain.





Excellent pressure redistribution and unlimited positioning options.
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Star Stabil Air

Anatomical shaped foam within each of the air cells. Stable!
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Star Standard Air

Fantastic pressure redistribution.
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Star Galaxy

Anatomically contured
– Immedate immersion. Stable!
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