For more than forty years, the Etac Group has developed mobility aids that create possibilities for users and carers. With a strong history of finding the sharpest solutions through innovation and design, the Etac carries on their tradition and unveils a wide range of pioneering products at Rehacare 2018, Düsseldorf September 26-29, stand F26, hall 04. 

Wide range of products

Alongside existing products from the wide range of Etac brands: Etac; Immedia; Molift; Star; Convaid and R82, the following new products will be showcased at Rehacare:

Etac Crissy – soon to come

A new intelligent frame design makes it possible to adjust seat depth, seat height and rear wheel position independently. All you will need to know to order the right wheelchair is a hip measurement.

Ability Based Seating™ is in Crissy’s DNA. The 2B back support provide superb body balance for the active user requiring added trunk stability.  As with all Etac wheelchairs, shape and support are simply created by the rehab professional, with the user seated in the wheelchair. With an ability-based approach we can strengthen the user’s activity level.

Molift Raiser Pro – soon to come

The next generation transfer platform, Molift Raiser Pro, provides extra ergonomic features: a handle for optimal grip, accessible footplate and comfortable leg support.

Molift Raiser Pro is designed to safely activate adult users from a sitting to standing position while maintaining the best possible moving and handling conditions for the caregiver.

Etac My-Loo with brackets – part of new range “Next Level”

With the exciting new product range, “Next level”, Etac takes toilet aids to a new level. By setting the highest requirements on everything from security, comfort and flexibility to ease of installation and cleaning, Etac now presents the first product in a new range that offers entirely new and superior solutions.

Together with experienced industrial designers, Etac has developed the new raised toilet seat with brackets – Etac My-Loo. A product that gives concepts such as hygienic, safe and appealing a new meaning. 'Design drives development' has been a guiding principle, and Etac is convinced that My-Loo will help adult users and prescribers to create new possibilities.

Molift Air

Molift Air is a powerful and user-friendly ceiling hoist that enables users to be transferred in a comfortable and safe way. It is an innovative, functional and well-designed hoisting mobility aid. Combined with Molift Rail System, Molift Air solves most hoisting situations in health care and other patient handling environments.

Now featuring an even more intuitive design with increased lifting capacities, quick release coupling for sling bar, optional sling bars and quick release device for trolley.


Immedia E-Board Oval

A flexible transfer board that makes it easy to perform manual transfers with very little effort for the caregiver. The E-Board Oval facilitates in both horizontal transfers and various repositioning routines.

The smooth and low friction surface together with thin and flexible design, make the E-Board Oval very easy to operate.

R82 x:panda

A multi-adjustable dynamic children’s seat, delivered in 4 different sizes - each seat with up to 10 cm in seat width and up to 20 cm of depth adjustment coupled with sliding back growth.

The back is dynamic, making it possible for the child to extend and push back against relatively light resistance and then regain the desired sitting position. The back can be modified to ease feeding, transportation and seating.

R82 Meerkat

This new children’s stander is suitable for any child with delayed development and different types of disability who needs support to adopt the standing position. The Meerkat is a simple modular standing frame with a free choice of positioning in anterior or posterior. 

It consists of a baseplate and a center column, where accessories are positioned. The modular accessories make it easy to meet an individual’s changing needs and the requirements of multiple users. The rocker (accessory) provides new and unique possibilities for the child to create and react to movement, allowing them to improve trunk control and reduce sedentary time.

Also: new product release

At the Rehacare 2018, R82 will also show an elaborated update of a classic paediatric product. Be sure to check it out!

Etac – Creating Possibilities.



Karolina Lundkvist
Group Communication Manager
Etac AB
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Linda Ericson
Project Manager, Rehacare
Etac AB
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