10 million SEK from Jimmy Dahlstens Fund

16. Jun. 2015.

10 million SEK from Jimmy Dahlstens Fund to projects that increase the quality of life for people with limited mobility



For the fifth and final year, Etac, through the Jimmy Dahlsten's Fund, has been awarding two million SEK to projects and ideas that contribute to a freer life for persons with limited mobility. A jury consisting of Thomas Fogdö, and others, has chosen eight projects to receive financial support to realise their innovations.

The Jimmy Dahlsten's Fund was founded in 2010 by Etac, one of Sweden's leading actors in the assistive devices industry. The fund strives to help entrepreneurs and visionaries realise projects whose aim is to increase the quality of life for persons with limited mobility. The fund, with a total capital of 10 million SEK, is one of the largest Swedish sources of venture capital with no requirement for repayment, ownership or interest.

"Sweden has long been at the forefront with regard to innovations and assistive devices for persons with disabilities. Despite this, it is hard to reach the market with a new product or service. Too many good ideas do not make it past the concept stage, which is a pity as there are so many great innovations. Through the Jimmy Dahlsten Fund, we aim to help more people develop their projects into finished products and services that are useful to the user," says Thomas Fogdö, jury member of the Jimmy Dahlsten Fund.


This Year's Projects - from a Mechanical Horse to Sports for Everyone

This year, the fund is awarding the last 2 million SEK in three categories, innovation, knowledge and commitment. Within these categories, eight projects have been selected. Among the projects, there is a mechanical horse, a combined cane and gripper, an environmentally friendly reusable catheter and a sports project Alla Kan (Everyone Can).

Below is a list of the eight projects that have been awarded funding from the Jimmy Dahlsten Fund:

Polle - Mechanical horse

Polle can be used for training and rehabilitation of disabled persons as well as to train riders at all levels of ability. The horse's movement trains muscle groups that are otherwise difficult to access in any other way, and provides balance training that increases safety for when the person later sits on an actual horse. The rider sits in a saddle that gives the sensation of really riding. Skåne's Ridsportförbund (Equestrian Federation), that has been awarded the funding, is responsible for developing the mechanical horse. Behind the project is Carlund Horse Equipment AB, Fjärås.


ALLA KAN - Idrott för alla! (EVERYONE CAN - sports for everyone!)

Through a combination of sports, information and core values; ALLA KAN wants to contribute to integration and participation through conscious visibility and counteract the exclusion that many with disabilities experience. ALLA KAN wants to provide people insight into what it is like to sit in a wheelchair, to have reduced vision or a completely hidden disability by making handicapped sports visible and integrating them into school sports. ALLA KAN also works to give children and young people healthy lifestyles that can contribute to good health development to reduce the risk of ill health. Behind the project is Sommarsol Rehabilitering och Rekreation (Summer Sun Rehabilitation and Recreation).

ReCath - Environmentally Friendly Reusable Catheters

ReCath is a catheter that can be reused several times, is made of environmentally friendly and PVC-free material and can be used by both children and adults for emptying the bladder. ReCath consists of a specially adapted storage case; a tapping catheter and Cathgel, a hygienic, pre-packaged, single-use lubricant that ensures that the lubricating jelly winds up where it is needed. Compared to other catheters currently on the market, the ReCath will contribute to an 87 per cent reduction in plastic consumption. At the same time, it also causes the purchase price for the county councils and municipalities to drop significantly. The project can now finalise its clinical study and intensify its marketing. Behind the project is Cimatex AB.


Dogs as an Assistive Device for Increased Self Sufficiency and Quality of Life

Service dogs and service dogs equipped with alarms are used to help and support persons with various types of functional disability or illness (diabetes or epilepsy). In December 2014, an initial study showed that these dogs contribute to increased quality of life and reduce their handler's reliance on human caregivers. This initial study resulted in several new and exciting questions and the project will now continue to scientifically study the service dog as an assistive device for increased self-sufficiency and quality of life. Behind the project is Linköping University.


“Käpprätt” - Combined Cane and Reacher for Increased Ergonomics and Safety

Often difficulty walking occurs together with problems in being able to bend down and pick up objects from the ground or floor. Today, many people have reachers in their homes, but outside they have to rely on themselves - which in many cases is difficult and increases the risk of falling. A built in reacher claw in the cane makes it easier when keys or a glove are dropped, or to bring the handle of a plastic shopping bag to a reachable height. There is no product like Käpprätt on the market. Behind the project and the invention is Johan Ek, Sixtus.


“Skota Hem” - Steering a Boat by Breathing

The Skota Hem Foundation is a leader in Sweden and is unique even from an international perspective when it comes to creating possibilities for giving persons with functional differences the chance to try sailing as a sport, leisure activity or as part of rehabilitation. The goal is to equip a 2-man boat with an electric module that makes it possible for a person with major physical function limitations to be able to manoeuvre it independently. With the help of this technical equipment, being able to breathe is sufficient to allow the sailor to be able to steer the boat himself or herself. Behind the project is the Skota Hem Foundation for spinal chord injury rehabilitation.


Punch Holes in the Myths!

Punch holes in the myths is a project that desires to present creative solutions to attain a society that is for everyone. Access is built on regulations and laws, which are good, but the demands often mean that those responsible are afraid of making mistakes. That is what the project seeks to change by showing good examples of how things can work for everybody. Maybe someone has already solved a similar problem? By gathering up good solutions and presenting them in an exciting way on a website, the project hopes to inspire more people to do more for persons with disabilities. Behind the project is the company Funka.

Duschrobot (Shower Robot)

The Duschrobot Poseidon makes it possible for more people to independently be able to shower and take care of their personal hygiene, comfortably and safely. The shower is ergonomically formed and equipped with sensors, and allows for personalised showering programmes, which can be started with the push of a button. Behind the project is Robotics Care AB.


Jury and Awards Ceremony

The jury that assessed and selected which projects will receive support consisted of Thomas Fogdö, lecturer and mental advisor, Karl-Erik Olsson, past General Secretary SPF (Swedish Association of Pensioners) and Lena Jansson, District Manager Sodexo Hjälpmedelsservice (assistive devices services).

The award ceremony took place at Leva och Fungera (Live and Function), Svenska Mässan, Gothenburg the 14th of April 2015. 



For the project contact person for each project, see:
Press contact: Magdalena Rydén, tel. +46 (0)8-633 47 46,


About the Jimmy Dahlsten's Fund

The Jimmy Dahlsten Fund has been providing financial awards since 2010. It was initiated to honour Jimmy Dahlsten's achievements as chairman of Etac 1995-2007. The fund originally had a capital of 10 million SEK that was donated by the current owner of Nordstjernan and previous owner of the National Swedish Association for Sexual Information (RFSU).