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Moving room-to-room with ceiling track hoists

Molift Air 200

Philip Bryant, 70, and his wife Sandra, have discovered the indispensable support of a Molift room-to-room ceiling track hoist system at their home in Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire.

Originally from Kettering, Philip is a retired business director who spent many years of his career working in Australia and New Zealand. During this time, he regularly returned to the UK to visit his three daughters and subsequently met Sandra who he married on Christmas Eve 2001 in the Botanical Gardens overlooking Sydney harbour. In 1987 Philip was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and over the years his mobility has become severely restricted – resulting in relocation back to the UK in 2009.

Today, as Sandra also has MS and limited strength, independence at home is restricted for Philip – hence the Bryants are supported by two part-time carers. As Philip requires an attendant-controlled wheelchair for mobility and assistance to access a bed, chair and toilet, the availability of a reliable and aesthetically pleasing ceiling track hoist is absolutely essential. Without his hoist from Molift, part of the Etac Group, Philip would be bedridden with a severely compromised lifestyle.

Enabling occupation
Philip is an articulate individual with a passion for literature who has recently published his first novel. He has movement in his left hand so can operate a computer – hence writing is possible for a few hours a day. Philip gives all his book proceeds to The Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire MS Therapy Centre and has raised funds internationally in relation to World MS Day. His literary and fundraising activities are assisted safely and efficiently by his hoists which transfer Philip from bedroom-to-sitting room, where he works.

Maximising convenience
With the assistance of a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG), Philip and Sandra’s bungalow has undergone adaptations to provide greater access and flexibility. A key alteration has been the construction of double-width interconnecting doors between the sitting room and bedroom so that continuous transfers can be provided.Each room has a ceiling-mounted Molift Traverse System, also known as a H system, which comprises of three rails – two perpendicular rails and a sliding rail supporting the hoist so that it can be positioned anywhere in the room. Philip can be seamlessly moved between rooms using a sling that is lifted, lowered and transferred between two Molift Air 200 units using a coupling system. The Bryants chose this system as they did not want a single rail spanning both rooms which would have required floor-to-ceiling height connecting doors. Hence two separate transist rails were installed with standard height doors in between – resulting in a domestic look.

"Before the system was installed precise positioning so that I was posturally correct in a chair would take so long. Now with very little effort the hoist motor glides into any position" states Philip

Before the Molift ceiling track system was installed, moving Philip around the house had become very challenging as Sally his main carer explains: “Up until spring of this year I could semi-lift Philip with the support of a standing aid to transfer him from bed, chair or toilet. However, this was becoming more challenging with Philip requiring extra manual assistance. Unfortunately, after a period confined to his bed due to illness, Philip’s legs are now unable to provide support – resulting in a need for complete manual handling. Therefore we needed a flexible hoist otherwise Philip would have been restricted to his bed. Before the Molift system, we did have a single hoist rail mounted diagonally across each room however this did not give us the range of positioning we needed.”

Sally continues: “Lowering Philip so he sat comfortably in his recliner or wheelchair used to be so difficult. The challenges we faced did not encourage use of Philip’s powerchair. We had to keep adjusting his chair’s position when lowering him whereas now with our Molifts, I can glide both hoists in all directions around each room. We can all achieve far easier, comfortable transfers. Philip is going out more, to places such as the local garden centre, so this kit is providing access at home and opportunities outside as well.”

"I can glide both hoists in all directions around each room. We can all achieve far easier, comfortable transfers." - Sally 

Enhanced living
The building work was completed within two weeks whilst Philip resided in respite care, with the fitting of the Molift system taking two days. Now the Molift system is in constant use, both Philip and Sandra are experiencing significant benefits. When their carers are elsewhere, Sandra still has the ability to move Philip despite her mobility challenges and the space restrictions within their compact bungalow. This is critical, especially for toileting or if Philip needs to lie on the bed to reduce discomfort from his pressure sore and trapped wind.

“To say our Molift hoists have improved our lives would be a humongous understatement!” says Philip. He enthuses: “Sandra and I are so grateful for the huge advantages our Molift ceiling hoists provide. Before the system was installed precise positioning so that I was posturally correct in a chair would take so long. Now with very little effort the hoist motor glides into any position which means Sandra can aid me. This means I am more likely to use my powerchair and hence will be able to enjoy the garden from spring onwards. A Molift hoist is not simply for improved transfers; it is for a better quality of life.”

Empowering users and carers
Colin Williams, Molift specialist, concludes: “It is always interesting to see how our highly adaptable hoisting systems empower users and carers to learn and perfect individualised transfer routines, to ideally suit each scenario. In the case of Philip, his main carer Sally has already developed highly efficient routines thanks to the intuitive operation of our product. She finds the room-to-room coupling system easy to manage with Philip having the ability to control lifting and lowering of himself.” Colins adds: “The infinite pick up points and unlimited movement of the hoists allow Sandra and Sally to manoeuvre Philip in between furniture in their compact rooms. This means home comforts and soft furnishings can be retained so that the feel of the house is not compromised. Our white slimline rails blend into the decor and are unobtrusive, again ensuring the environment does not have a medical appearance. In conclusion Colin says: “Overall the installation is a prime example of how Molift healthcare solutions are equally as effective in a community setting. We look forward to supporting Philip and Sandra during the lifetime of their product.”

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