Bo Lindqvist - Etac Wheelchair designer - has made his dream: to improve his abilities, possible for all Etac wheelchair users. Through constant development, adding new possibilities Etac wheelchairs still have a leading position among adjustable wheelchairs. Many features professionals today take for granted on most wheelchairs, are designed by Bo and his team.

Abilities are perishable – Use them or lose them!
We may have talents and we may struggle with other activities. If we totally avoid the difficult tasks, that ability will soon be lost. Make it possible for the wheelchair user to maintain or even improve abilities. Use them and improve them!

Ability Based Seating™
We know that the positioning influences reach, strength and mobility. With an ability based approach we can focus on utilizing the user's capacity. Maintaining and leveraging abilities is the goal. This requires know–how and a wheelchair with an ergonomic design and adjustment possibilities.

Etac Wheelchairs  
Our products are developed in close cooperation with rehab professionals, industrial designers and users. We are constantly seeking new possibilities to improve functionality, mobility and sitting tolerance over time.


Bo (Bosse) Lindqvist story

In 1977, Bosse had an accident with a tractor, resulting in a spinal injury. His active nature was incompatible with the wheelchairs of the time, so Bosse rebuilt his non-adjustable wheelchair. He turned his garage into a workshop and created lightweight wheelchairs for everyday use and also for long distance racing. To himself and for his friends.

He became successful in his sport and a local celebrity. A factory owner heard an interview with Bosse on the radio, and was very impressed. He found Bosse and they reached an agreement to start developing new wheelchairs on a larger scale. By 1982 three new wheelchair models were introduced – the Swede wheelchairs, and later came the Swede Elite, which became a big success. In the early 1990’s, Bosse set his mind on building the best cross folding wheelchair on the market. Soon after, the first Etac Cross was launched.


The rest is history and Bosse is still working for Etac, managing the product development department. Today he is supported by a development team. His mind is still set on building the best wheelchairs on the market.