Adjust Etac Prio for a Short Upper Body

Many seniors suffer from different types of degeneration in the spinal column that influences the shape and function of the upper trunk.

Back Support: Choose the 3D Back Support (1) which adapts perfectly and provides space for a kyphotic or collapsed back. Adjust the tension adjustable back straps to follow and support the curve of the back, to achieve good contact to the back from the lumbar region and up. Adjust the Dynamic Pelvic Support (2) in height to the level of PSIS and tighten the strap.

If the person is going to propel, check that the distance from shoulder to hand on handrim is appropriate. For most wheelchair users the recommendation is to reach the top of the handrim with slight elbow flexion.

Arm Support: With a short upper body, the arm supports usually need to be low adjusted. The Arm Support with a Narrow Arm Plate (3) can be set slightly lower than the model with a wide arm plate.

Tilt and Recline Positions: Always make sure to assess both the active and resting positions. Secure the positions with Gas Piston Clips (4), Comfort Tilt Lock (5) and Back Angle Control (6). Anti-tippers: Always check the adjustment.


1. 3D Back Support System
Three vertically placed soft cushions with plush cover, connected with sliding fabric and extra long tension adjustable back straps. It conforms perfectly to a curved back. Height adjustable between 45-60 cm (18"-23½").

2. Dynamic Pelvic Support
Automatically relieves the tension in the reclined position and re-tightens in the active position. Adjust the height to the level of PSIS.

3. Arm Supports, narrow
The arm plate is only 5 cm (2") wide which facilitates to reach the handrim. The narrow model can also be set as low as 23 cm ( 9").

4. Gas Piston Clips
Each clip reduces the angling with approximately 2°. Can be used for both tilt and recline gas pistons. Easy to attach, easy to remove.

5. Comfort Tilt Lock
Stops the tilt position at a preset angle. Choose between: 0°, 4°, 8° or 12° seat tilt. The position can be changed by moving the locking device on the gas piston.

6. Back Angle Control
By adjusting the length of the strap, the active back support setting can be controlled. The back will always stop at the preset angle. Note: The Back Angle Control will be available during 2019.