Convaid Metro

Lightweight and perfect for those who require less involved positioning.

The Convaid Metro Stroller offers more than other standard lightweight transport wheelchairs, perfect for children and teens who lack upper body strength and trunk control. The wheelchair is compact-folding for easy storage and ultra-lightweight to reduce strain on caregivers. The integrated contoured seat and adjustable trunk support help to achieve proper positioning. All this and a limited lifetime warranty make the Metro Transport Wheelchair an unmatched transport value. Available in two models: Basic, with built-in adjustability features, and a crash-tested Transit model, for use aboard a bus or van.



Transit ready frame (option)

Adheres to WC19 safety standards for safe transportation.
Metro Mesh Upholstery Center

Mesh upholstery center

Increases ventilation to keep the occupant cooler.
Metro - Quick Release Rear Wheels

Quick-release rear wheels

Easy to remove for storage or transport.
Metro - Standard 2-piece push handle

Two-piece push handle

Quick and easy to fold, store, and transport.

Standard specifications

Item number 901402 901400 901335 903127
Folded height (inch) 14 14 14.5 13.8
Folded length (inch) 48 48 49 51
Folded width (inch) 15 15.5 17 14.8
Footrest to seat distance (inch) 8-15 8-14.5 13-18 3-24
Headrest extension (inch) 6 8 8 8
Overall height (inch) 36.8 37.5 38 38
Overall length (inch) 36.5 34.5 35 42
Overall width (inch) 23.5 25.5 27.5 28.5
Seat back height (inch) 21 23 25 25
Seat depth (inch) 11 13 14 16
Seat to floor (inch) 24 24 23 23.5
Seat width (inch) 12 14 16 18
Tilt in space tilt angle (°) 30 30 30 30
Total weight (lbs) 23 24 27 29
Weight capacity (lbs) 75 100 170 250
Weight capacity transit (lbs) 66 100 170 170


Transit ready frame

Meets or exceeds WC19/ISO7176-19 safety standards for safe transportation in a bus or van.

Transit lap belt

The crash-tested (SAE J2249) transit lap belt provides additional occupant safety when riding in a bus or van. The belt connects to the bus anchored shoulder restraint harness and is used in addition to the pelvic positioning belt.

Cherry Red

Royal Blue

7.5” X 2” Front pneumatic tires

Only offered on model sizes 10-16.

8” X 2” Front solid ribbed tires

Only offered on model size 18.

8” X 2” Front pneumatic ribbed tires

Only offered on model size 18.

12.5” X 2” Rear pneumatic knobby tires

Only offered on model sizes 10-16.

12.5” X 2” Rear solid knobby tires

Only offered on model sizes 10-16.

12.5” X 2” Rear pneumatic knobby tires

Only offered on model size 18.


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