Etac Swift Freestanding toilet seat raiser

Lightweight and easy to handle

Excellent stability
Etac Swift Freestanding toilet seat raiser provides stable support because of its large footprint and the soft, special designed ferrules which have an excellent grip to the floor.

The seat is height adjustable and can be set with a slight anterior tilt. This facilitates standing up and relieves pressure on the hip joints. The legs can easily be taken off for car transportation.

Besides using the Swift Freestanding over the toilet, it can be used as a shower stool. Its light weight makes it easy to move. With complimentary accessories, the Swift Freestanding may also be used as a commode.


Swift Freestanding over toilet_feature

A good fit over the toilet

Fits well over both wall- and floor-mounted toilets and is easily adjusted to the preferred height.
Dependably stable

Dependably stable

Responsive, non-slip ferrules adapt to the floor and provide stability on the most uneven of surfaces.
Easy to assemble

Easy to assemble

Etac's stools and chairs are quickly assembled without the need for any tools. The push button lock function clicks into place which makes it easy to mount the legs.
Etac Swift Freestanding box

Etac Swift freestanding box

Swift is delivered in a smart flatpack carry case for easy handling.

Standard specifications

Item number
Maximum user weight (lbs)
Opening: depth x width (inch)
Seat height (inch)
Seat width (inch)
Weight (lbs)
Etac Swift Freestanding toilet seat raiser 81702020 Seat and arm supports: polypropylene<br/>Legs: Aluminum and polyamide<br/>Ferrules: TPE 353 11 x 8 16,5-22 21,25 9