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Lean on us. Stay yourself.

20. Sep. 2016.

For most of us, there comes a time – due to age or some other reason – when we need a little extra support. You are not as supple as you used to be, and cannot move like you used to.


Etac S.P.A. Collection comprises Rex toilet arm support, Flex grab rail and Relax shower seat. All three have a unique function but work together to give you the chance to continue being yourself.

Etac S.P.A. Collection gives you a bathroom that is:
· Comfortable
· Attractive
· Safe



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Etac Rex 
folding toilet arm support

Retaining your independence in the bathroom is an important part of 
continuing to be yourself.
Etac Rex is a stable and safe arm support designed to create a secure environment around the toilet. 
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Etac Relax
shower seat

Etac Relax is a wall-mounted shower seat that has been designed to ensure a secure and enjoyable shower experience.
It is always close at hand, but as it can be folded upwards it never takes up any unnecessary space.
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Etac Flex
grab rail

Etac Flex grab rail is the perfect choice
for those who need a little extra support
in the bathroom.
Thanks to its flexible modular function, it is easy to adjust the handle to suit both you and your bathroom environment.
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Etac Rex folding toilet arm support 

Rex skiss

  • Top quality materials and construction provides security when it is most needed.
  • The triangular shape of the arm support provides a stable and natural grip.
  • With its clean, smooth surfaces, the arm support is both stylish and easy to clean.
  • The arm supports take up very little room when folded up, while the angled shape makes them easy to reach, grip and fold down.

Support designed for you  

Etac Rex folding toilet arm supports are available in three different lengths and in variants with or without supporting legs. Choose a model that suits you, your bathroom and your requirements. It can easily be fitted onto the wall and blends well into your bathroom environment. 

Suitable for all bathrooms

The modern design suits any bathroom even when space is limited. The arm support is close to the wall and do not get in the way. They are also designed to guarantee a gentle and smooth folding down process.

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Etac Relax shower seat 

Etac Relax shower seat image

  • Large and stable seat when folded down and discreet when folded up.
  • The shape and material of the folding arm supports provide a safe and secure grip.
  • The shape of the seat offers the option of varied sitting positions. 
  • As there are only three fixing points, installation is both quick and easy.

Scandinavian design for the modern bathroom 

Etac Relax has been designed to ensure a secure and enjoyable shower experience. Design, function and safety are extremely important to us, and this is presented here in the form of a discreet, wall mounted shower seat.

Adapted to your needs

How do you move about in the shower, how much support do you need, and which model best meets your needs? Etac Relax comes in two colours and six different models, which have all been designed to create options specifically for you.

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Etac Flex grab rail

Etac Flex grab rail wall mounted adhesive mount

  • Can easily be assembled into a length and shape that suits you and your bathroom.
  • The shape and surface of the grab rail provide a stable grip 
  • Connect as many handles as you want and choose the angles that suit you
  • Attach with screws or adhesive

Easy to attach and easy to grip 

Attach with screws or adhesive. Choose the method that best suits you and your bathroom. The pure Scandinavian design blends in with other products and you can choose between two colours - white and grey.


The support you need with the design you want

The material of the grab rail and its well-designed shape and surface provide a stable grip even if your hands or the handles are wet. 

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