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Cost effective hoisting solutions by Molift

Install new overhead hoists without having to replace the entire tracking system.

It is easy to change your old or unreliable overhead hoist for a new one without replacing the whole track system. Our trolley sets, used with the Molift Air 200, are designed to fit all major manufacturer’s rail profiles. A new hoist can be installed in minutes without having to replace the existing tracking system, saving time and money.

Lifting Equipment Services, specialise in servicing hoists. They increasingly come across old and problematic hoists which are expensive for the customer to maintain and need to be replaced. Rather than fitting an entirely new system, they have started using our Molift trolley sets along with the new Molift Air 200 hoist which make for a highly efficient and cost effective solution.

Below, the Molift Air 200 is being used with a bath chair, installed as part of a recent nursing home refurbishment. Shown with the Etac Clean shower chair commode

Luke Williams from Lifting Equipment Services uses the Molift Air 200 hoist because it “was a cost effective alternative as it was able to be used on the customers current tracking system”.  Their installation team also found it easy to use as the trolley set could be fitted to the tracking before lifting the motor unit up. This meant only one person was needed to do the job, saving time and money.

This has proved particularly popular during the Coronavirus pandemic, as no one wants to be left without the use of a hoist. We have 21 trolley set options to use which can be used with all major European and North American manufacturer’s rails. See examples below.

Pictures below show the Sensory Day Centre where Lifting Equipment Services refurbished and supplied the Molift Air 200 hoists.

Their customer was very happy with the new hoists in their Sensory Day Centre. “All their hoists are now the same so training is reduced for any agency or new members of staff”. “They are looking forward to having them all in use when they are fully open after Covid-19”.

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