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The new My-Loo raised toilet seat with fixed mounting.

17. Sep. 2020.

My-Loo raised toilet seat with fixed mounting belongs to a whole new generation of smart products that we call Next Level. By setting the highest requirements on everything from safety and comfort to …

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New brochures for Etac Swift shower stool/chair

14. Aug. 2020.

Take a look at our new brochures for this highly adaptable product.

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Would you like to read more about the development of Etac Swift Mobil-2?

30. Jul. 2020.

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NEW Solutions for Plus Size People

10. Jul. 2020.

The new Molift Air 500 Hoist and the RgoSling MediumBack Plus are for plus size users up to 500 kgs.

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Etac Patient Handling- Supporting aids for turning of patients

07. Jul. 2020.

Prone positioning has been used for many years to improve oxygenation in patients who require mechanical ventilatory support for the management of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

In adult…

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Immedia PediTurn Soft - new surface material

30. Jun. 2020.

A more health and environmentally friendly material

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Cost effective hoisting solutions by Molift

16. Jun. 2020.

Install new overhead hoists without having to replace the entire tracking system.

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Rapidly responding to the needs of our customers

13. May. 2020.

We recently worked with Mills Mobility Aids to ensure they could complete an urgent hoist installation within 3 days of the initial enquiry being made.

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We're here to help you!

13. May. 2020.

Book your video consultation with us today.

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New - 10 Ways to use an Immedia Positioning Wedge

01. May. 2020.

We have put together our top 10 ways to use this highly versatile Positioning Wedge.

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