Broad shoulders

- Shape up in Cross 5 and Cross 6

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Etac Cross 5 and Cross 6, can be set up for both a taller or a shorter users with different body shapes.

The majority of users will use the standard back support. Using the standard back support, the 3A-back support can be adjusted in height from 32 cm to 45 cm. And with the high back support you can get as high as 51 cm. 

Once the desired back height is adjusted and set, the fine tuning of the strap back can be done, and any accessories to support and shape up the posture can be added.

With broad shoulders, the general advice is to choose a seat width according to the hip width and adjust the back support for the broad chest.

To broaden the upper back support, attach the Width Extentions (1) and place the Plush Wedges (2) as far out as possible. If necessary, attach two pairs of Side Stops, with the widest pair on top and use the long Plush Wedges (2) or attach Cell foam Wedges (3) under the short wedges.

Example of accessory placement

Example of accessories placed on the back support. Here with the widening side stops and soft plush wedges to broaden the upper back support for extra support and comfort for the broad shoulders.

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