Meet Maria

Role: Education Manager, PBU - Homecare


Tell us about your role.

My job is to provide training about our products. The whole department is called Etac Education. I'm about to head off to Switzerland again – I was there last year, too. We arranged training days for our home aids and now the distributor wants to do it again with new customers.


What has your internal journey at Etac been like? Have you held different roles and responsibilities?

I started as an export sales representative in 1988. Our products were unique in the market. My discussions with customers were very much focused on functionality and less and less on prices and volumes. So the sales representative job turned into more of a trainer's role. After that, I worked as a product manager for seven years, with ADL and the bathroom products. Ten years ago, I was asked if I would be interested in starting an Education Department at Etac, and I've been working with Etac Education ever since.


Why would you recommend that someone applies for a job with Etac?

Committed colleagues and products that make a difference. My role has freedom with responsibility, which is perfect for me. It's a workplace where many people stay for a long time.


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