Meet Jens

Role: Product developer, Product development Care and improvements


What do you do at work? What is an ordinary working day like?

I work with product development and prepare design documents using CAD drawings and 3D files. I'm one of the people who work with a product idea and bring it to completion. We ensure that the product is safe to use, that it's suitable and that it works. I also book testing and evaluate outcomes to ensure that the products are experienced as intended.


What is Etac good at?

We're good at putting the user first. We do this through reliable products with good designs that are easy to understand and easy to use. We've had many well designed products. Cross and Prio are products that have been around for a long time, and that have a good basic design that we can now develop and continue to improve.


Why would you recommend that someone applies for a job with Etac?

We want to make good products, and our products are fun. There's a lot that can be made from all kinds of materials. There's great variety. There's a great atmosphere and a positive mood. Etac invests in its products. We're never satisfied with being second best – we want to be the market leader.


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