Meet Emma

Role: Stock team leader


Tell us about your role at Etac.

I'm a team leader in the warehouse, predominantly for Norway, and I'm responsible for ensuring that the products are shipped. It's about being one step ahead. I keep in touch with customer services, arrange customs documents and calculate how many pallet metres will be used. I release orders, and and of course I also help with the picking. Everyone helps out.


Describe a project that has been rewarding/challenging/fun.

When the warehouse from Moss in Norway was moved here, it was me and another girl from here who were involved from the start. We ran into a few issues to begin with, but when the move got under way it was really great to see that it worked after all the hard work we'd put in. The results were great and I learned a lot during the process.


What does Etac offer as an employer?

Everyone helps one another – if something needs doing, everyone helps each other out here in the warehouse. The work activities vary and it's never repetitive. There's also potential for development, and everyone who wants to can be involved in some way.


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