Etac Xact

- Upcoming wheelchair from Etac which will see the market in March 2024

Xact, for an active life

Xact is an active wheelchair with swing-away leg support in which seating adjustment, lightness and propulsion efficiency emerge into a new era.

  • Swing-away leg supports to enhance the ease of standing transfers and foot propulsion. 
  • Anti-tippers can be reached by the user self, ensuring safety and ease of dealing with obstacles while driving.
  • All push handles allow for lifting the wheelchair with the user seated. 

In Xact, you always have the 3A Back system for an ergonomic sitting position with the proximal support and stability needed for everyday activity. Xact is the lightest wheelchair with integrated seating adjustments.

3A Back system

Xact is developed in line with our vision, Ability Based Seating, to give your body an ergonomic sitting position with the support and stability needed for everyday activity. The 3A back system allows for optimum support of the pelvis, which is key to a balanced upper body posture since it affects the curvature of the spine. Supported seating has a positive influence on wheelchair propulsion and skills.

Explore the possibilities of the 3A back system and discover how you can achieve your positioning targets by customizing the shape and support according to individual abilities, body shape and needs.

Seeking and meeting the users' abilities by fine-tuning and adjusting the wheelchair for individual needs is what we call Ability Based SeatingTM.

Upgrade your Crissy

Soon, you can upgrade your Crissy to a new look and lower weight.

New lightweight parts for Xact are modular with Etac wheelchairs, Crissy and Cross, and current accessories can also be fitted to Xact.



Easy handling

Xact is easy to handle for both you as a user and for someone providing assistance.

Easy folding and a transport weight from only 5.9 kg including anti-tippers and push handles make Xact light and easy to bring with you wherever you go.

Xact is the wheelchair for the active user on the go.

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