Immedia MultiGlide Single Patient Use (SPU)

Safe patient handling and mobility

In demanding and hectic situations when there is a high demand for ventilatory support, it is especially important to have the right tools and supporting aids available during the entire stay at the hospital. Both when it comes to reducing the risk of cross-contamination as well as ease the job for the caregivers and early mobilization of the patients.

SPU, Single Patient Use, used for one patient only

  • Minimize risk for cross-contamination
  • Reduce risk for infection
  • Can be used multiple times of the same patient
  • Reduces heavy lifting and overload for caregivers
  • High demand for infection control

* The World Health Organisation Guidance regarding the management of Covid-19 patients1, stresses the importance of using disposable or dedicated equipment wherever possible.

Immedia MultiGlide Single Patient Use (SPU)

A Glide sheet with very low friction on both sides

  • A glide sheet used for movements where you want to reduce the friction below the pressure points. Used, for example, when moving in bed, on the operating table or by x-ray.
  • The glide sheet is designed to meet the needs and challenges of care departments with many patients and a great need for infection control. In addition, the burden on health care personnel is reduced.

Molift UnoSling HighBack

 A personal disposable sling with high requirements for infection control

  • Molift UnoSling HighBack is a person bound disposable product that has been designed to meet the needs and challenges of today's healthcare environments. Slings used for short-term use are specific to individual patients and is an effective solution to prevent the spread of infection.
  • UnoSling has a high back and is suitable for most patients in the most common lifting situations, such as between bed and wheelchair or to the toilet. The sling accompanies the patient throughout the care period.


Immedia SatinSheet system

When a patient often needs to be turned in prone positioning and repositioned

  • Prevent friction when turning/proning
  • Ideal for turning/proning, with and without a hoist
  • Can reduce the number of caregivers required
  • Makes it easier to change bedlinen

Molift Duo gantry

When a temporary hoist solution is needed

  • Comes in several sizes
  • Easy to install, dismantle and move
  • Easy to clean and disinfect

Molift Raiser Pro

The ergonomic platform for a safe and active sit-to-stand transfer

  • For early mobilization and rehabilitation
  • Natural movement pattern
  • With or without support
  • Can be cleaned in a cabinet washer-disinfector at 70°C for 10 minutes


*The recent World Health Organisation Guidance regarding the management of
Covid-19 patients, stresses the importance of actively mobilising ICU patients as early
as realistically possible in the course of the illness, when safe to do so.

To show how we can turn a patient to prone and back to supine again, we have made some new instructional videos.
Click here to see the videos.

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