Making the best of it – the story of our designer

01. Apr. 2016.

In 1977, a young man named Bosse had an accident with a tractor, resulting in a spinal injury. His active nature was incompatible with the wheelchairs of the time, so Bosse went home and started to adjust his non-adjustable wheelchair. He turned his garage into a workshop and created wheelchairs for long distance racing for himself and for his friends.

He became successful in his sport and a local celebrity. A factory owner heard an interview with Bosse on the radio, and was very impressed. He found Bosse and they reached an
agreement to start developing new models of wheelchairs on larger scale.
By 1982 three new wheelchair models were introduced – the Swede wheelchairs, and later came the Swede Elite, which became a big success. In the early 1990’s, Bosse set his mind on building the best cross folding wheelchair on the market – soon after Etac Cross was launched.

The rest is history and Bosse is still working for Etac, managing the product development department. His mind is still set on building the best wheelchairs on the market.

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Third place in the Gothenburg Marathon 1986.

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