Stories ADL

From thorough research to functional products

Many of our ADL products are developed in cooperation with Ergonomidesign, aSwedish design group. Together we carried out thorough research to learn all about potential users' abilities and needs, analysed their existing products and looked at individual solutions.

We soon discovered a need for specially designed cutlery. A test group was established, consisting of more than 20 persons with reumathoid arthritis, single hand function, muscular dysfunctions and quadriplegia. They all had to do 30 functional tests derived from ten basic hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder movements.

The results from the analysis showed that light cutlery was more useful than heavy. It was also obvious that there is a need for different sets of cutlery and the handle design needs to be adapted for the specific grip we use for a specific cutlery. After several functional tests withvarious models, the Light cutlery took form. A series of well-designed cutlery, all lightweight, designed for it´s specific use and diverse hand functions.



An invention from the deep Swedish forests

A simple stocking aid consisting of a plain plastic sheet can be difficult to use. This is something an occupational therapist became aware of. She made a home visit to an elderly man with reumatism, living alone on the country side in the deep Swedish forest.

The OT felt an unpleasant odor which came from the elderly man´s socks. He had severe problems taking them on and off. So the elderly man kept the same socks on for three to four days, depending on when his helper came.

The OT presented the plain plastic stocking aid. But it was too painful for him to squeeze and at the same time put on the sock. Resolute, she asked her brother who was an industrial designer, would he accept the challenge to develop a stocking aid that the old man could use? He said yes and together with the old man and his sister a team was founded.

They focused on features such as material, shape and size. Finally they had deveoped a long, cone shaped model made in sleek nylon fabric. It also had a grip at the top. The model was presented to Etac and the rest is history.

The old man was now able to change his socks every day.