Etac Balder Finesse

A flexible power wheelchair for those who want to reach further


Seat lift provides maximum range of movement

The Balder Finesse is a front-wheel driven power wheelchair that’s flexible and simple
to control indoors, and easily clears obstacles on streets or in parks.

Thanks to the unique seat lift, users can both reach objects on high shelves and slide their legs under the table when eating. At the same time, the many settings and the modular system makes this a power wheelchair that can be adjusted perfectly to every user’s needs. In short, the Balder Finesse combines maximum functionality with the highest level of comfort.


Seat height adjustment range: 
15–32 in/38–82 cm
• Lift and tilt functions with variable settings
• Easy to maneuver
• Simple car-docking system
• Full driveability with standing function option
• Adjustable with several seat and back cushions


Lean back
The tilt can be set from –15º to +45º. It feels good to change position, and take the pressure off of the back and neck.

The back of the chair can be adjusted from 0º to 90º. Users can then stretch their joints, and at the same time, relieve the load on their whole body.

Reach a little higher
Seat height adjustment gives the user freedom of movement, and provides the service personnel with plenty of room to work.


Easy car adaption
The low seat height eliminates the need to lower the floor in a car adaptation.


Balder Finesse with stand-up function

Being able to stand increases a user’s freedom and flexibility. In addition to the social aspects, being able to stretch joints and muscles contributes to better health. Standing also improves breathing, blood circulation and digestion.

The Balder Finesse with standing function option has all the adjustability of the basic model, and also enables the user to drive while standing.


Options and accessories

Balder power wheelchairs have a wide range of options and accessories. This means that these wheelchairs can be adapted to the many needs and preferences of an individual without the need for any complicated conversions or alterations.

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